Our goal is to take the book and message of the self published author to the marketplace! Ready for retail shelf space? Searching for a 3rd party distributor?  Is it time to target your online market and reach the masses with your message, or maybe even make your book an award winning or best selling title?


We're here to help.



Whether you need your custom website built, or just need a way to share it  and your products with the world, we're here to help.

Our Webmasters, SEO Specialists, Online Marketing Managers, Bloggers, Copy Editors, Video Marketing Experts and Social Media Management Team have you covered.

Exponentially expand your reach, grow a dedicated platform, and reach the masses with your book product or message with our PR, Web and social support campaign services.

Our Mission


Publishing Services


There is no faster, more credible way to reach your market and grow your business than to write and publishing a book.

If you're ready, all we need is 2 hours of your time for a laser focused interview about your expertise.

We make it easy!

In just 60 days, you're a published author and credible expert in your field of expertise.

Febbo Media & Marketing is dedicated to taking books, products, businesses and messages to the marketplace through custom, creative, collaborative campaigns.

Our team of experienced office staff and highly skilled consulting team of publishers, graphic designers, publicists, marketing gurus, copywriters, web wizards, video marketing masters and branding experts together have raised thousands of dollars for charities through book and product cross promotional marketing opportunities and sponsorships.

No matter your marketing, sales, publishing or promotional goals, we're here to help you gain the valuable visibility you need to take it all the marketplace with confidence and success. 

And we believe, the world is waiting.

A message from the CEO



If you're here, that means thinking about your next action step...

I've been right where you are! I searched everywhere (and I mean everywhere) for a partner like the one we've created in Febbo Media & Marketing, with the tools, resources, maps, supplies and expert level guidance you need to head confidently into the retail or online marketplace and successfully promote your book or product.

With 19 years of corporate marketing experience, best selling, award winning books and products of my own, more than $100,000 in industry specific training, a certificate of completion from Harvard Law School and position with the National Writer Union as a Contract Adviser, Grievance Officer, and So. Ca. Chapter Chair, I knew expectations would be high, and my goal was to find the experts out there who would help me to help you with the highest level of service, integrity, knowledge, passion and enthusiasm I could find.

And I found them.

We've spent the past 6 years meeting and exceeding the expectations of our clients. We're excited to say we LOVE what we do, and the partnerhips and industry leaders we work with who support optimized marketing strategies, collaborative business, forward motion, education and sponsorship for our valued clients.

Publishing my first book was the first step toward a BIG game change. Promoting that book, reaching the masses with my message, selling them by the thousands, donating thousands more, speaking from stages around the world, appearing on radio and television, joining foster youth at summer camps across the country, teaching workshops, classes and retreats for authors and writers --

none of these brilliant opportunities (and then some!) would have unfolded for me if I'd not made the choice to PUBLISH MY BOOK and do the work I came here to do.

It's bigger than a book, or a product, or a marketing campaign...

It's about your calling, your message and your purpose on the planet!

I believe you come to this life with something to contribute that only you can -- and I believe that the world is waiting.

I look forward to hearing more about your goals, and as always, I'm just an email away.

To Your Success!


Elle Febbo


Febbo Media & Marketing

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Contract & Copyright Services


*Note: Some contract services are offered FREE OF CHARGE to NWU Members.

Before signing any publishing contract or agreement for services, have your contract reviewed by an expert.

Your intellectual property has a rightful owner -- YOU!

You have a right to protection of your intellectual property and fair contractual agreements.

For more information about protecting your copyright, or to have a contact reviewed by an expert, inquire here.